WNB Provincial Administration partnership

The Governor for West New Britain Province Francis Maneke has challenged provincial governors attending the inaugural consultative forum on education this week to utilise the fiber cable in provinces so that education through the use of ICT is fully maximised.

On 16th April, the Kumul Submarine Cable Network (KSCN) landed on the shores of Kimbe, West New Britain Province, connecting Niugini Islands to the mainland.

The WNB Provincial Administration has already partnered with DataCo, connecting the Provincial Government Headquarters, Kimbe Secondary School and Kimbe Hospital to KSCN.

The Provincial Administration is now working with DataCo on connecting other areas. Business Houses in Kimbe have also signed up and work is now underway to connect them. PNG DataCo expects WNB to be fully wired up with fibre optic cable and a mix of other transmission technologies to maximize the use of KSCN by end of 2021.

The KSCN is part of PNG DataCo’s broader objective to support PNG Government’s ICT Policy objectives by building, owing and operating a national broadband transmission network with point of presence and Data Centres to facilitate and foster social and economic development through increased access and availability at affordable prices.

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