We are here to drive connectivity and digital solutions in Papua New Guinea.

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We guarantee high-quality customer support service with high-speed connectivity all over the Papua New Guinea. PNG DataCo Limited is a state owned entity, created in 2014 to provide wholesale services to the Information and Communication Industry, mandated to build, own and operate the National Transmission Network (NTN).


the magic of connectivityacross the country

Company trustworthiness and service reliability are our main principles for consumer loyalty. We are working hard to ensure quality and seamless network experience for customers.

Our Services

Secure Cloud Solutions
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Data Centre Service
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Point To Point (P2P)
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IEPL Service
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Wholesale Internet
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Member Of

DataCo is a member of the International Cable Protection Committee, Pacific Telecommunications Council, and South Pacific Marine Maintenance Agreement (SPMMA) with TE SubCom

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