Wholesale Internet Services
DataCo is the mandated and regulated wholesale distributor of internet services in PNG. Telcos, ISPs and Government institutions are the main buyers of the wholesale internet capacity from DataCo.

Internet primarily is sourced from upstream providers through its three POPs in Sydney. The current arrangement for upstream internet content are with the following IP Transit and Peering providers.
  • Cogent – IP Transit
  • Hurricane – IP Transit
  • Optus – IP Transit
  • Telstra – IP Transit
  • Google – IP Peering
  • Vocus – IP Peering

There is currently two internet gateways in PNG, Madang onto PPC-1 and Port Moresby on CS2 to Sydney connecting to Global Switch for PPC-1 and Paddington for CS2. The 3rd internet gateway is through the O3b satellite system to Dubbo, Sydney. The fourth internet gateway for the Asia content will exit through Jayapura when fully completed by end of 2020


The internet product is sold in minimum of 10 Mbps delivered to its customers on fiber optic. Internet price in PNG is very competitive and has been reducing since March 2014. Flexible pricing for discounts are offered long term contract partners and big volume subscribers of the internet service.

DataCo is a member of APNIC, hence provides reputable IP resources and support to its downstream retailers.