A point-to-point connection refers to a communications connection between two endpoints or nodes. The end to end channel will be carried through a DataCo IP Managed Systems with the following suite of technology platforms, MPLS L2 and L3, VPLS, VXLAN, and Metro L2 connectivity. The configuration flexibility provides the users with the agility to integrate existing or new scope without much hassle.

The basic delivery scope are;

  • Transparent channel end to end without any restrictions
  • Per service Per VLAN, trunk port offering to transport multiple customer specific VLANs (QnQ options)
  • Core path diversity on either fiber or satellite
  • Flexibility for remote monitoring and control

Geographically the P2P services are classified into two product types as Metro P2P and Domestic or Long-haul P2P service. The long-haul P2P services scenario is a bank with multiple branches across the country connecting back to the head office. Transmission of data is over longer distance and hence pricing covers for the cost of delivery accordingly. Metro is invariably cheaper because it is a short haul data circuit and cost of maintaining circuit is correspondingly less.