Services over the coral sea cable system now on offer

PNG DataCo Limited has announced to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and carriers, ICT operators and representatives that services on  CS2 are now on offer for commercial start in January 2020.

In a presales cocktail meeting last Friday at the Hilton Hotel, attended by representatives from ISPs ICT operators, partner’s business houses and various diplomatic corps, the wholesale ICT provider; also announced a special presales offer. The offer to sign up in the month of November for a 12 month contract, will have a discounted price. Additional in the offer, is 1 month trial with installation fees being waved.

PNG DataCo General Manager for Commercial Services Mr Une O’Ome gave insights on the status of the massive CS2 project stating that by 2020, PNG will experience massive improvements in reliability and speed of services and will have price drops in the use of internet services.

The benefits to the technological advance is being described as one of the most important technological milestones to be reached in PNG.

PNG DataCo Limited has compared that in 2014, the cost of internet use was exhorbently high with prices around USD 1300 mbps per month compared USD 179 per Mbps per month and will be further reduced to USD 98 per Mbps per month for a 1 Gbps connection January 2020 when CS2 is commercialized.

Basically, the cable is to have a technical maximum capacity of 20 terabytes per second a initial available capacity of 100Gbps and is said to transform ICT delivery in the PNG Market.

Explaining the network connectivity, PNG DataCo says, currently there are fiber optic transmission infrastructure in parts of PNG (Madang, Lae, Alotau and Port Moresby and the Highlands provinces) but by mid next year all provincial capitals will have fiber including additional international cable connectivity into Jayapura to provide options and redundancy apart from existing connections to Guam and Sydney on the PPC-1 Cable.

With regards to latency (delay), the ICT wholesaler said Port Moresby will have lower latency at about 38ms roundtrip an improvement from Satellite which has 300ms and other international cable options of about 80ms.

“So CS2 is part of a bigger plan. Our whole mission is to connect the country and CS2 provides one of the international connections in the wholes plan, the domestic connectivity is also addressed under the Kumul Domestic Cable Network for distribution around the country” Mr O’Ome said.

Mr O’Ome thanked the Government of PNG for the support and also the Government of Australia and its people for funding majority of the CS2.

Kumul Telikom Holding Chairman Johan Volkerink congratulated PNG DataCo Limited under the leadership of the Managing Director Paul Komboi for the major achievement and placing PNG on the map.

“This is the internet backbone for PNG and there is no doubt we all need to use it going forward.

We must make sure, there is maximum utilization of this wonderful national asset. Furthermore we need to make sure we earn back the investment, the Government of PNG put in place.

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