Service Offerings

  • DataCo offers a range of wholesale Layer 2 and 3 network services supported on DWDM and SDH technology platforms.
  • DataCo domestic bandwidths of 4 x 10Gbps capacity on a pair of optical fibre cable per network segments will form the Papua New Guinea National Transmission Network (NTN).
  • DataCo offers international bandwidth on the wet segment between Madang and Sydney and Port Moresby and Sydney.
  • DataCo wholesale telecommunication services and products will cover point-to-point MPLS L2 VPN managed and unmanaged leased circuits, IP transit, and includes colocation and other IP based services that the market demands.
  • Retail telecommunication services should be provided in a competitive market by downstream customers of DataCo such as Telikom PNG Ltd, BMobile-Vodafone, Digicel and ISP’s.

Transmission and Backhaul

  • Terrestrial using OPGW fibre optical cable.
  • Sub-marine fibre optical cables for the NTN and international network link.
  • Domestic Satellite (DOMSAT) Services and O3b for International Satellite Transport.

IP Transmission Services

DataCo is developing a National IP Backbone Network Platform on MPLS technology to provide backhaul connectivity to major Points of Interconnect (PoI) in provincial centers throughout PNG, by creating an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) at a central location within PNG.

Customized Offerings

DataCo is offering the necessary transmission “building block” servicesfor any network services to meet the current and future needs of downstream service providers. This includes legacy services such as TDM-based transmission, as well as modern IP-based Ethernet services. and subsequently may offer dark fibre services.

DataCo offers proactive network monitoring and NOC services for customers.

International Private Lease Circuit (IPLC)

  • DataCo offers point-to-point managed and unmanaged IPLC.
  • DataCo offers IP transit to Sydney and Guam.
  • Other suite of international services.