Madsmolley Ikosi

Company Lawyer and Corporate Secretary

Madsmolley is a highly qualified legal professional with a Master of Laws (Commercial Law) from Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and a Legal Practice Certificate from the Papua New Guinea Legal Training Institute. She also possesses a Bachelor of Laws (2nd Class Honours) from the University of Papua New Guinea, PNG. Her academic background highlights a strong foundation in commercial law, particularly tailored to legal practice in Papua New Guinea. With over 15 years of experience in corporate and commercial law, Madsmolley served 9+ years as General Counsel and Company Secretary for PNG DataCo Limited, playing a pivotal role in negotiations and providing strategic counsel in major projects. Her contributions significantly influenced the corporate restructuring and business initiatives of the state-owned enterprise. Currently, Madsmolley is immersed in two substantial projects. The first focuses on implementing digital systems to manage corporate policies, including legal and regulatory compliance, with a keen eye on overseeing digital monitoring. The second project involves the development and upgrades to the organization's Contract, Compliance, and Risk Management Systems as part of a broader ERP System upgrade initiative.