Albert Ayius


Possessing a comprehensive educational background, Albert has earned a Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts (Research), Bachelor of Arts in Social Work with Honours, Bachelor of Social Work, and various diplomas and certificates from reputable institutions including the University of Papua New Guinea and Queensland University.  

Having three decades of professional experience, Albert has navigated roles within significant organizations such as the Department of Trade & Industry, National Research Institute, Asian Development Bank, LNG Resettlement Project, and University of PNG. This extensive career has been marked by a commitment of professionalism, strategic direction, and leadership roles.  

Albert’s interests span a wide spectrum, from a passion for research and human development, Policy analysis, social development, business analysis, and governance and leadership.  

Albert emphasizes the need for collaborative efforts with various stakeholders to propel the telecommunications industry forward and facilitate the digitization of the PNG economy in the twenty-first century.