Dataco remains committed to our vision of providing faster internet and stable connectivity to PNG and to unlock the digital potential in PNG.

As such, we have partnered with ComSat to to deliver this much needed service to enhance the learning process of students at Unggai Primary school

About 300 students will benefit from the 10 computers.

It is through the initiative of Comsat director Wilson Unua who partnered with Dataco to provide the service.

Other schools benefiting from the project include Bena Adventist Primary School at Sigoya, Arikayufa and Unggai Primary School- where 40 computers were installed in the schools with free internet provided by Comsat.

Unggai health centre and the SDA district health centre would get internet access once power was connected to their buildings.

Unggai High School would use the internet service when students start this term.

Unua thanked Dataco general manager commercial services Une O’me in ensuring its fibre optic connectivity under the National Transmission Network (NTN) enabled Comsat to deliver fast, cheap and reliable broadband internet to these communities.

He said this project had no political backing.

Goroka Open MP Henry Ame praised Unua for the initiative.

Ame said Unggai-Bena was leading with ICT connectivity in Eastern Highlands.
“Seeing the success of this, Goroka Secondary will be the proud recipients of the same service,” he said.

Unua said it was his dream to give back something to his community.
“We are living in the information and communication technology age where a lot of things now are done electronically,” he said.

“Now you have no excuse to leave the classroom and wander around aimlessly, teachers and students alike.”