DataCo’s Achievements

  • Completed the integration of the LNG Fibre that was transferred from IPBC.
  • Completed the Integration of the Lae-Madang and Lae to Wau/Bulolo Fibre that was transferred from PNG Power Limited.
  • Completed the construction and integration of fibre optic cable from LNG plant at Caution Bay in Central Province to National Capital District.
  • Completed the construction and integration of fibre optic cable from Mendi in Southern Highlands Province and Wabag in Enga province to Mt. Hagen in Western Highlands Province and down to Yonki through Kudjip, Kundiawa, Goroka and Kainantu.
  • Developed and started the construction of the Kumul Domestic Submarine Cable Project.
  • Execution of the wholesale business transfer arrangements with Kumul Telikom Holding Limited.
Completed NTN Projects

Lae to Madang OPGW and Metro Fibre in Pom and Lae (PPL)

Transfer of OPGW and ADSS Fibre Optic Cables built and owned by PPL – Transferred in August 2015.


POM – Caution Bay Fibre Build

Project to connect South end of LNG Fibre to Port Moresby Project started under IPBC and completed in August 2015 and now commercialized.


Highlands Fibre Project – Yonki to Mendi/Wabag

Project to connect all Highlands Provinces by aerial fibre Physical installation of 534 Kilometres of Fibre Cable was completed in January 21st.

DataCo NTN Project CPI Site at Konedobu, NCD

Highlands NTN Project Optical Fibre Cable Stringing